Donor egg and donor sperm

A Guide for Patients. This includes using donated eggs, sperm, or embryos and gestational-carrier arrangements, in which the pregnancy is carried by someone other than the intended parent s. Surrogacy, also sometimes referred to as traditional gestational carrier, is a particular type of gestational-carrier arrangement where the woman who carries the pregnancy also provides the egg. Unless specifically indicated, the term gestational carrier in this booklet will refer to a woman who carries a pregnancy, but has no genetic link to the fetus. Third-party reproduction can be socially, ethically, and legally complex.
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Donor options and surrogacy

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Can I Fertilize a Donor Egg with Donor Sperm?

Bringing a child into the world is something many people dream about, but achieving that dream is not always easy. There are many reasons why it might be difficult to conceive, including infertility, being a same-sex couple , or being single. Individuals and couples often turn to fertility specialists to help them achieve their goal of becoming parents. Egg donation is a relatively in-depth process that requires good health from both the woman donating the egg and the intended mother. During the egg donation process, both the donor and the recipient receive medications that prepare their bodies for the delicate transfer process. Once eggs are successfully retrieved from the donor , they are fertilized with either the recipient partner's sperm or donor sperm. Using both a donor egg and donor sperm does not decrease a recipient's chances of carrying a pregnancy to term.
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Using donated eggs, sperm or embryos in treatment

With egg donation, the eggs from another woman are fertilized with sperm and transferred into the uterus of the infertile woman, who will then carry out the pregnancy. Donor eggs are only used with in-vitro fertilization IVF procedures and make up a significant part of our practice. Although complicated, IVF through egg donation produces extremely successful results for infertile couples.
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You have chosen not to allow videos from the 3rd party streaming service YouTube , if you would like to see these videos, please change your Privacy policy and cookie settings. You may want to discuss your feelings with friends, family or a professional counsellor before going ahead. A clinic is likely to recommend donor conception if:. This means that most donors donate for altruistic reasons rather than financial gain. If you use a donor through a licensed UK fertility clinic there are very few risks.
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