Strange places to have an orgasm

Orgasms aren't always there when you're looking for them. But then, when you're not looking for them, orgasms can show up at the most random times. They can come in your sleep, while you're riding a motorcycle, and, apparently, when your Airbnb guest is playing the accordion. When we're not expecting to orgasm, or pressuring ourselves to orgasm, it can be a lot easier to actually have an orgasm. Orgasm is more than just relaxing, but mental pressure can definitely sabotage our orgasmic potential. We're taught that all sexual thoughts and feelings should be reserved for the bedroom, but the truth is, we can't always control when they arise — and that's OK.
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9 of the Weirdest Things to Have Ever Caused an Orgasm

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13 People On The Weirdest Ways They've Orgasmed

There seems to be a common misconception that women require a romantic setting to get off. In addition to needing a candlelit dinner and flowers to become aroused, the thinking goes, we have to draw a bath and spread rose petals on the bed before we masturbate. This notion belies the random, unconventional, and strange places where we've actually masturbated. The truth is, there's no wrong place to masturbate unless, perhaps, you're in public. Wherever you are, it has lots of benefits. To get that big sexy brain on board, start exploring your fantasies and finding new mental triggers that can fuel your self-love sessions.
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13 People Reveal The Weirdest Ways They've Gotten Off

So, there's porn and erotica. That's kind of obvious. We know those will usually get us in the mood. But that's not all.
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Apparently, today is National Orgasm Day! Don't feel bad—we didn't have it marked on our calendars either. So in light of this sexy holiday, Durex revealed new information about where you really want to feel fireworks. No judgments, but some of these are…unique.
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